Hunting Art and History - Limited Edition Prints

Big Game Animals - Limited Edition Prints

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Sports Big Game Hunters have always been enthusiastic about wildlife art and recording their exploits.

David Southgate has produced many portraits for individuals who wish to capture a moment of exhilaration or poignancy in their chosen sport.

For enquiries about portraiture or capturing a moment in Oil on Canvas as a record of your adventures contact David Southgate on this site’s address. He will be happy to translate your stories into images on canvas for you.

Big Game Animals - Limited Edition PrintsEach print is proof signed by the artist checking on all the detail.

Individually numbered and indexed with valuable information about each species.

The exploration of Africa and Asia during the expansion of the European Empires during the 19th and early 20th century introduced Big Game Hunting and trophy collecting as a sport that was seen as a worthy pass time for early colonizers of those outposts of the empires.

A seemingly inexhaustible supply of game and a thirst for knowledge of the unknown, produced many adventurers.

Some, like Selous, Cummings, Corbett, Harris and Bell have become well known names due to their writings.

The firearm of that era was the Double Rifle which still is regarded today as a work of art that shows the skills of the Artisan Gunsmith to its fullest extent, with regard to the manufacture of combined components that make up each individual piece.

David is presently working on a series of paintings that combine in each scene, a double rifle in hand and a different species of dangerous wild animal.

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Larger custom prints on canvas, are available POA. Contact us and we can let you know about the various dimensions and frames that are needed to suit your requirements to best display a large canvas.

The Last Moments of the Champawat Man-Eater

In his book “Man-Eaters of Kumaon,” Jim Corbett describes the steep rocky landscape of his famous chase, with its pines, bamboos, and the grass at the ravine’s base that he hurriedly chose for cover to face the man-eating tigress that had killed over 400 people on the border area of Nepal and Northern India.

His weapon was an old Under-lever .500 Double Rifle.

Corbett had brought only three cartridges, as he thought that either he would not get the chance to fire two, or that the tiger would not survive multiple shots.

Instead, with all his ammunition spent, he watched as the tiger advanced with head down, ears back and teeth bared.

Unable to clearly see Corbett concealed in the grass. The Mortally wounded Tigress, leaped the stream and climbed up onto a ledge of rock where it finally succumbed to its wounds as Corbett tried to shoot it again with an old shotgun borrowed from a local Indian Headman.

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