Ceramics, Pottery and Sculptures

Lovely Lady Cups

Lovely Lady Cups

From 1983 to 2005 at Hungry Head Gallery, May and David produced a wide range of Stoneware and Porcelain including uniquely decorated domestic ware.

May’s distinctive wheel-thrown ‘Lady Cups’ with whimsical and wild brush work were just one of many popular styles made by May and David.

Due to a flood of imported ceramics and the high cost of local materials, production pottery studios have ceased to be viable in Australia as they once were.

Today, David and May still produce special pieces for exhibitions using their years of knowledge and skills to produce pieces that continue to attract interest. 

“Out of Africa” High fired porcelain with sprigged decoration

Depicting African wildlife by David Southgate.

Where kiln firings were once a weekly event, keeping the volume of work turning over to supply their business.

Today, a more leisurely approach to producing ceramics has diversified their work into the  directions of sculptural pond and garden ornaments, one off series for exhibitions and  workshops to share their knowledge.

Original Water Features

David’s wild and whimsical ORIGINAL WATER FEATURES, – all about WATER!! – will fascinate and enchant any garden, entrance or special room. Lovingly handmade and fired to 1300 centigrade, his sensuous Mermaid sirens and stunningly lifelike Australian Tortoises are made for the great outdoors, but just as happy in your home!

They can magically enhance an existing setting, or feature in made-to-order fountains. From David’s wide experience in waterfall, pond and fountain design, he welcomes large and small commissions. To discuss and order your ideal water feature contact us at home on +61 2 6655 7550.